Tion Campaign

Occurring during the early stage of the Galactic Civil War, under the Alliance battleplan Operation Domino, this was a series of battles in the three sectors of the Tion Cluster. The Alliance sought to free the region from the grasp of the Empire and use the region’s resources and industry to further the Alliance war effort. The focus was on the richest, most powerful worlds, which would have planetary shields and other defenses to repel the inevitable Imperial counterattack.

Elements of the Bormea and Corellian Sector Forces, including a line of Corellian corvettes and gunships, led by a Corellian cruiser, were assigned to the campaign. Former members of Kota’s Militia were assigned to these units as well. Furthermore, quickly raised brigades formed under new Sector Commands, often armed with salvaged or stolen Imperial surplus former Separatist weapons. Also, irregulars awaited the chance to aid the Alliance forces when they arrived on their worlds.

The Allied Tion Sector Forces landed troops and weapons on Lianna, which were then hidden in secret camps in the mountains. They also disseminated caches of weapons amongst the populace, so they could arm and join the fight. They also landed weapons on Cadinth, for local militias to use when the Rebels arrived on that world, as well as planning to liberate Jaminere subsequently. The Tion Hegemony Sector Forces planned to strike from their temporary base in an destroyed Imperial facility on the world of Raxus Prime, at Raxus III in the same system, both worlds having been former capitals of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. The Cronese Mandate Sector Forces intended to liberate the powerful world of Eibon, before also fighting off the Imperials on Kismaano and Chandaar.

Thus, the Corellian fleet escorted transports to Lianna and began to engage the Imperial patrol craft, manufactured by Sienar Fleet Systems in the shipyards at Lianna. Meanwhile, the Allied Tion Sector Forces began their assault, streaming out of the mountains to strike at the city of Melford, location of the Melford Star Academy and depots for the Lianna garrison. The other two Sector Forces began their assaults as well. At first things went well, with the Imperial garrisons being outnumbered and falling back before the rebels. However, the Imperial Sector Groups quickly sent reinforcements, and the Imperial garrisons managed to hold off the Rebels long enough for them to arrive. The Corellian fleet quickly withdrew it’s forces from the shipyards and Lianna’s surface, and fled to Cadinth, where they again failed to capture the planetary shields in time to repulse the Imperial counterattack. The Rebel forces on Raxus managed to evacuate and fled into the Indrexu Spiral and later regrouping on Rebel bases in the southern part of the sector, which would later be attacked during Operation Strike Fear. The Cronese Mandate Sector Forces fled to near Algor, where they occupied several abandoned pirate bases. The remnants of the Allied Tion Sector Forces fled to their camps in Lianna’s mountains, were they waged a guerrilla campaign before being destroyed, or evacuated, and the rest fled along with the Corellian fleet, which after it’s escape from Cadinth, before fleeing towards the Tingel Arm. This led to a fortuitous rendezvous with Mon Calamari refugees, whose ships would become the first Rebel Mon Calamari vessels to join the Rebel fleet, including the Alliance flagship Independence.

Tion Campaign

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